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Credit Due:

A lot of resources from around the world are compiled here, thanks to the work of the following:

  • Freedoom is a project to create a free content game based on the Doom engine. This allows you to download and play for free, without requiring the commercial Doom assets.
  • serverinfo provides the backend communication to update the server status.

What is this about?
Where the hell am I?

You've stumbled onto the Well of Wishes, home of the Dopefish (pisces swimeatus).

Dopefish are simple creatures who have the repetitive thought pattern consisting simply of "swim, swim, hungry". Chances are, if you run into the Dopefish, he will be hungry and will stop at nothing to eat you. Be careful down there!

In all seriousness, you're on a webpage which lists the server stats for a Zandronum (Multiplayer DooM) instance online @ You can connect to one of two servers using Zandronum, and battle the Dopefish.

The first,, requires that you have the original DooM IWADs (doom.wad or doom2.wad), whereas the second,, is running FreeDoom, which is a community-made alternative to requiring the official DooM assets. If you don't own DooM, you can still battle the Dopefish using this server. Read more about FreeDoom on the wiki.

Finally, at the bottom of this page, you'll see an IRC chat window. We're located in #dopefish on Pop in for a chat, or if you're experiencing any problems. Also feel free to leave a "Player was here" message so that we know the Dopefish hasn't been lonely.


Server Flags:

    DMFlags (1610900484):
  • Weapons remain after pickup (DM)
  • Kill anyone who tries to exit the level (DM)
  • Monsters respawn
  • Items other than invuln. and invis. respawn
  • Respawn invulnerability and invisibility
  • Jumping allowed
  • Crouching allowed
    DMFlags2 (2107584):
  • Double the amount of ammo given
  • Players slowly lose health over 100% like Quake
  • All players start with a shotgun
  • Don't clear frags after each level
  • Players can use chase cam
    Zandronuma Flags (1088):
  • Keys are shared between players
  • Award damage instead of kills
    ZA Compat. flags (524288):
  • Allow instant respawn after death